Sunday, October 11, 2009

Welcome to Our Blog!

We are going to use this blog to share our thoughts and projects this year. For instance, during October, we will post our video interviews here. You will be able to show your video and your classmates' videos to your family and friends by visiting this blog.

This week, I want each of you to post a comment sharing 7 Random Facts about yourself.
I'll start!

1. I'm the oldest child in my family.
2. I used to drive a Volkswagen Thing.
3. I love to listen to podcasts about knitting.
4. I enjoy teaching toddlers in Sunday School.
5. My favorite things to cook is bread!
6. I sewed many of the costumes for the plays when I was in school.
7. I've visited 26 of the 50 states.

Be sure to post your comment by next Tuesday, Oct. 20th.

Happy Fall!
Mrs. Burris


  1. A Thing! That's funny.
    I drove a Volare'.

  2. 1.I like to fish.
    2.I like to bake.
    3.I love art work.
    4.I like to take pictures.
    5.I like to ride horses.
    6.I love mrs. burris.
    7.I like to hunt.

  3. 1.I have 1 brother and 1 sister.
    2.I love popcorn![=
    3.I love soccer
    4.In my life, I have played 4 different sports.
    5.Science is my favorate subject!
    6.My favorate time of year is spring.
    7.I <3 5th grade!!!

  4. 1.I have four pets right now.
    2.I have a liking for ice cream.
    3.My brother is 30.
    4.I have long hair.
    5.I like animals.
    6.I've had 18 pets in my lifetime!
    7.Ive had 3 dogs, 2 cats, 3 rabbits, 2 birds, 1 hamster, 2 mice, and 5 fish!!!

  5. 1.I'm the oldest child in my family.
    2.I love to dance.
    3.My favorite show is Everybody Hates Chris.
    4.I am an Acolyte at church.
    5.I'm 10 years old.
    6.I had a dog named Shakespeare.
    7.I have a cousin who played in the NFL.

  6. 1.I love sports.
    2.Football is my favorite sport.
    3.I have one older sister and one younger brother.
    4.I like to ski in Utah.
    5.I like to go deep sea fishing.
    6.I go to church at Brentwood Hills.
    7.My favorite food is steak.

  7. 1.I was born with 3 kidneys
    2.Some of my friends call me AK
    3.I am really nosey
    4.I have a BB gun, but I want a pink .22 rifle (I don't shoot animals!!!)
    5.I have shot an AK-47 with my dad
    6.When I was 1 I had surgery to move my Ureter tubes
    7.When I growup I want to become a Graphic Designer

  8. 1.I play hockey and baseball.
    2.I have one older brother.
    3.I have a dog named Daisy.
    4.My favorit food is ribs.
    5.I like to play paintball.
    6.I like the beach.
    7.I am 11 years.

  9. 1.I have been at Lipscomb since kindergarten.
    2.I love to play sports but soccer and softball are my favorites.
    3.I am the oldest kid in my family.
    4.I love being in plays.
    5.I am 11 years old.
    6.I love playing on the laptop.
    7.Disney is my favorite vacation.

  10. 1.I LOVE soccer!
    2.I have a treehouse in my backyard.
    3.My room colors are hot pink and lime green.
    4.My favorite sports team is Vanderbilt.
    5.I am going to be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz for Halloween.
    6.I like to go to the beach.
    7.I like to sing.

  11. 1.I love hunting with my dad .
    2.I love ridding my honda 100 (dirt bike)
    3.I love playing football.
    4.I love sports!
    5.I have a little brother(5) and a also have a older sister(13)
    6.I have killed 7 deer!
    7.I like to fish.

  12. 1.I had a cat named Prisy.
    2.My dads job is a Church life minester.
    3.My friends dogs name is Coda.
    4.I call my grandmother Nana.
    5.My favorite food is asparagus.
    6.I've got a dog named Sassy.
    7.I'm the middle child.

  13. Tyler said...
    1.I'm the youngest.
    2.I like big pretzels.
    3.My favorite color is red.
    4.I have asthma.
    5.I love St.Louis.
    6.I have a dog and a cat.
    7.I like golf.

  14. Olivia B said...
    1. I like drawing and painting.
    2. I have brine shrimp that are 5 months old.
    3. I like to swim.
    4. I like barbeque.
    5. I have a younger sister named Gracie.
    6. I am moving to a new house.
    7. I like dogs and monkeys.

  15. 1. Football is my favorite sport.
    2. I'm the oldest child in my family.
    3. My favorite color is blue.
    4. My favorite planets are Jupiter and Neptune.
    5. I have a dog named Simon and a cat named Smokey.
    6. I love to read.
    7. My favorite food is cheeseburgers.

  16. 1.I love to read
    2.I like to paint
    3.I have a cat named Jasper a dog named Bella and Baily
    4.My favorite food is shrimp
    5.I love soccer
    6.My mom is in the Navy
    7.My favorite colors are blue,green,and clear(I don't care if clear isn't a color.

  17. 1. My favorite food is chili.
    2. I love reading.
    3. I have a dog named Leo
    4. I have a younger sister Cattie
    5. Favorite subject is Science
    6. I like Art work
    7. My football number is 5

  18. 1.I have one sibling a older sister(14).
    2.My favorite icecream flavor is chocolate.
    3.I love to read.
    4.My favorite color is purple.
    5.I have a kitten named Lexie.
    6.I've been at lipscom since pre first.
    7.My favorite subject is reading.

  19. 1. I love gymnastics.
    2. I have a baby sister.
    3. My favorite subject is English.
    4. I have been to Washington D.C.
    5. My favorite animals are dogs and turtles.
    6. I love ice cream.
    7. My favorite colors are lime green and pink.

  20. 1.I fractured my skull.
    2.I have three siblings.
    3.I have a dog named Maddie.
    4.I LOVE singing.<3
    5.I live 35 miles away from the school.
    6.My favorite food is FUDGE PIE.
    7.Washington D.C. is one of my favorite places to visit.

  21. 1. I have a Yamaha four wheeler!
    2. I have a little brother - Ethan age [5].
    3. My favorite NFL football team is the Chicago Bears... etc.(Vandy)
    4. I am a 5th grade Colts cheerleader!
    5. My favorite color is any color of Blue.
    6. I love Sushi.
    7. I love to sing!!!!

  22. Molly said....
    1. I have a sister, Miller.
    2. I have a golden retriever named Chaucer.
    3. I love pizza!
    4. I love spending time with my friends!
    5. I like bowling, swimming and playing sports.
    6. I enjoy art.
    7. I have worn glasses since I was three.

  23. 1. I like fishing for bluegill.
    2. I like skating.
    3. I like cheeseburgers.
    4. I like playing my football games.
    5. I like playing with my cat.
    6. I like movies.
    7. I like making planes.

  24. 1. I can play expert on Guitar Hero
    2. I love to ride my ripstick
    3.I like to make tye-dye
    4. I love to dog sit friends,neighbors, and my dog Lacey
    4. My favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas

  25. 1.I have a chihuahua named Max.
    2.My favorite color is red.
    3.I love art.
    4.I don't have any brothers or sisters.
    5.I love to sew and knit.
    6.I love knitting.
    7.I love to play piano and guitar.

  26. 1.I love skatebuarding
    2.I can play alot of songs on the guitar
    3.I like going to my friens' house
    4.I am very good at baseball
    5.I have three pets
    6.I love football
    7.I am a fast runner

  27. 1.I like to draw
    2.I have a youtube account DUDBOMB3000
    3.I have a rescued husky named Tess
    4.I am the youngest in my house
    5.I like dragons,lizard,and dinos
    6.I hate reading
    7.I goto Florida every year for fall break

  28. 1. I love basketball!
    2. I play soccer!
    3. Im a certified scuba diver
    3. I love popcorn!=]
    4. I have 2 younger brothers!
    5. I have a dog named Sophie!
    6. Im 11!!!
    7. my favorite color is lime green!!

  29. Jimmy

    1. I love reading.
    2. I'm the youngest in my family
    3. I love football.
    4. I love cold weather.
    5. Two of my cousins are rocket scientists.
    6. I have four pets.
    7. I have been interviewed before.

  30. 1. I love Twilight,Zac Efron,and Nick Jonas
    2. I play soccer.
    3. I have a brothert and sister.
    4. My dad is Iranian.
    5. I attend Vine Street Cristian church.
    6. I love meat.
    7. I am the youngest in my family.

  31. 1.I practice martial arts
    2.I'm the oldest in my family
    3.I love to read
    4.I'm 11
    5.I have a younger brother(4)
    6.I like to ride my bike
    7.I like to write stories on my laptop

  32. Anna Kate and ElizabethOctober 13, 2009 at 5:00 PM

    That was really interesting to read and we love the idea!!!!!!!!!!!!


  33. 1.I have four family members and two pets.

    2. There names are Katherine(mom) Mike(dad) Maggie(younger sister) Matt(me).

    3. My pets names are Copper(yellow lab) Jumper (leopard gecko).

    4. I am a bow hunter.

    5.My dad owns a restaurant and my mom owns a car dealership.

    6.My favorite two sports are football and wrestling.

    7.I love to ripstick.

  34. 1.i love to fish
    2.i love to play hockey
    3.i like sushi
    3.i like football
    4.i have a 1 brother and sister
    5.i like to hunt
    6.i like to eat watermelon
    7.i like to ripstick

  35. 1 i am the youngest in my family
    2 i love to skateboard on my dark star
    3 my favorite sport is basketball
    4 my dad is growing dred locks
    5 my favorite sports teams are Florida state and Vandy
    6 i love to watch WWE RAW on Monday night(JOHN CENA)
    7 my favorite type of music is country

  36. 1.I have four family members.
    2.I am the youngest.
    3.I like to go lobstering in Miami.
    4.I love to play football.
    5.My favorite food is steak.
    6.I have two dogs.
    7. I like to play my psp.

  37. 1.I have two pets
    2.My favorite color is tiffany blue
    3.I like to cook
    4.I am the only child
    5.I have lived in four states
    6.I lived in Europe for three years
    7.I collect snowglobes

  38. 1.Iam the second child in my family.
    2.I have three dogs.
    3.My favorite sport is football.
    4.I like to hunt.
    5.I have our biggest dog in the family.
    6.I have aten alligator.
    7.I am 10 years old.

  39. 1.My favorite color is lime green.
    2.My favorite holiday is Christmas.
    3.My favorite animal is a frog.
    4.My favorite sports team is Alabama.
    5.I have one brother.
    6.I go to church at Bellrvue Church of Christ.
    7.I want to go to Alaska.

  40. 1.I have a pet bird.
    2.I do taekwondo.
    3.I played on the 5th grade colts football team.
    4.I take acting classes.
    5.I like the Vols.
    6.I like gnooci.
    7.I'm going to Disney World this Thursday.

  41. 1.I have two dogs.
    2.I played football for the colts.
    3.I play baseball.
    4 I like the vols.
    5.I have one brother and two sisters.
    6.I like to go hunting and fishing.
    7.I have been to mexico.

  42. 1.I like hunting.
    2.I like pizza.
    3.I have a dog.
    4.I like ribs.
    5.I like cake.
    6.I have a bike.
    7.I like pork.

  43. 1.I am 11.
    2.I Like to go hunting.
    3.I like guns.
    4.I am the 2 chiled.
    5.My dad as a MAK.
    6.I like chikon.
    7.I like the Miltery.

  44. 1.I like Sports.
    2.My favorite sport is football.
    3. I like food.
    4.My favorite food is chicken alfredo.
    5.My favorite color is green.
    6.I like fishing.
    7.I'm 10years old.

  45. 1.I love dogs.
    2.I like to fish.
    3.I love books.
    4.My favorite book is Percy Jackson.
    5.My favorite gem is a diamond.
    6.My favorite baseball team is the Cardinals. favorite color is red.

  46. 1.I have a pet frog.
    2.I like cheese.
    3.My favorite place to eat is Jersey Mike's.
    4.I am the youngest of three.
    5.I'm in Mrs.Thomas's class.
    6.I am new to this school.
    7.I'm trying out for Honors Chorus.

  47. Mrs.Burris has a cool blog!!! be careful sarah t.

  48. 1.I am 1 of 2 children in my family
    2.I have a brother named Sam
    3.I have 1 dog
    4.I have been at Lipscomb since kindergarten
    5.My favorite color is blue
    6.I like to play outside
    7.My favorite state is New York

  49. my big brother is right now! opera!!

  50. my bad he is singing!!

  51. 1. I have a dog named Kassie.
    2. My favorite colors are red and black.
    3. I have two sisters.
    4. I am the youngest in my family.
    5. I love to watch boxing with my dad.
    6. I love to read books.
    7. I love my family a lot.

  52. 1. I play soccer.
    2. I have never broken a bone.
    3. I live on a hill in Thompson Station.
    4. My favorite color is lime green.
    5. My favorite subject is Reading.
    6. I have been to Hawaii.
    7. I am the oldest child in my family.

  53. 1. Iam a boy.
    2.I like cake .
    3. I like steak.
    4.I like anything spicy.
    5. I like hot wings.
    6.I like ribs.
    7.I like hunting.

  54. 1.I have a pet Greyhound.
    2.I have a pet bunny.
    3.A mouse is in the wall of my room. favorite food is ribs.
    5.I like to play Football.
    6.I dislike sqush.
    7.I like Diary of a Wimpy kid books.

  55. 1.I love to play sports.
    2.My favorite sport is softball.
    3.I have one brother.
    4.My favorite two colors are navy blue and red.
    5.I am ten years old.
    6.My favorite books are "Cam Jansen".
    7.I have many trophies.

  56. 1. I love Math.
    2. I love playing on the WII.
    3. I don't like Spelling.
    4. I love the Tennessee Titans.
    5. I like steak.
    6. I love my brother.
    7. I am a boy.

  57. 1.I like hot tea.
    2.I dont have a cat.
    3.I like to play Tag.
    4.I like riding a bike.
    5.I love dogs.
    6.I have a dog.
    7.I dont like to read.

  58. 1. I have a dog.
    2. I like to play soccer.
    3. I am ten years old.
    4. I like hotdogs.
    5. I have a thirteen year old brother.
    6. I like to read.
    7. I like the Colts.

  59. 1.I like playing football.
    2.I am eleven years old.
    3.I love Ms.Burris!
    4.I love science.
    5.I love horses.
    6.My favorite song is Thriller.
    7.I love 5th grade.

  60. 1.I can solve the rubick's cube
    2.I have 6 cats
    3.I have a brother
    4.I am 10 years old
    5.I am a really good bowler
    6.I like Vandy
    7.I like to play football

  61. 1. My favorite color is lime green.
    2.I have played soccer since I was 4.
    3. I have broken my arm 3 times.
    4.I don't like the color pink!:(
    5.I had 2 cats.
    6.When ever I go to any restrant I ALWAYS orden chicken fingers and fries.:)
    7. I have NEVER taken karate but I know how to count in Japenese.

  62. 1. I like to play basketball.
    2.My dad works at Lipscomb University.
    3.I'm the middle child in my family.
    4.I've had 4 stitches.
    5.My dad used to play basketball at Lipscomb.
    6.I play football almost every day with my neighbors.
    7.I have a dog.

  63. 1.I like peanuts.
    2.I like hitting people football wise.
    3.I do not have a uneasy stomach.
    4.I like BucadiBepo.
    5.spagetti is my favorite food.
    6.I like ribes
    7.I have spaind my back.

  64. 1.I have 2 Dogs And 1 Cat.

    2.I love to play PS3.

    3.I love football.

    4.My favorite color is black.

    5.I love to duck and dove hunt.

    6.My favorite vacation spot is Panama City Beach Florida.

    7.My favorite subject is A.M..

  65. 1. I like animals.
    2. I enjoy reading most of all the subjects
    3. My favorite sport is tennis
    4. I have Chinnease family but I myself am English
    5. I have been to the largest city in the whole U.S.A
    6. Dimsum is my favorite food.
    7. I love all breeds of dog!

  66. 1.I play football.
    2.Moes is my favorite restaurant.
    3.I have brown hair.
    4.There are four letters in my name.
    5.I live in Smyrna and brentwood.
    6.My teacher is Mrs. Burris.
    7.I don't have glasses.