Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Videos Are Coming

Several students have already done their video interviews. As they are completed, I'll be adding them here.

To my students: when you do your interview ask about a person who influenced his or her life, did they know the person, when did they live, how did they influence, etc.


  1. 1. I play football for the Blaze.
    2. My favorite food is chicken.
    3. I am the third oldest child in my family.
    4. I do not like lizards.
    5. I do not like to play the piano.
    6. I like to write funny stories.
    7. I have a very funny and loving family.

  2. 1.My real name is Delilah.
    2.I have one brother.
    3.My favorite color is lime green.
    4.My two front teeth are fake.
    5.I hate tomatos.
    6.I had a cat named Tommy.
    7.My favorite snack is funyons.